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Francisco Gavilán represents like a contemporary psychologist and writer, the synthesis of a traditional author of self-help books and articles focused to improve human relationships, fighting against racism, fostering human values, and not only respecting the ethnic and cultural differences, but also offering keys to overcome these related conflicts in daily life.

For more than 30 years, he wrote 14 books some of them best-sellers translated in foreign languages, including Korean, Russian and Ucranian. One can find his books in some of the most important catalogues in the world such as Amazon, Barnes& Noble (USA), as well as of England, France, Spain and all Hispanic countries. His last one book (All These Dangerous Friendship) is published in April 2007 by Editorial Planeta, the leading editor in Spanish print. His books are recommended by Dra. Isabel (Radio Unica, Miami, USA), considered the most important Spanish psychologist in United States.

As a journalist, Francisco Gavilán has written about 600 articles in prestigious magazines and newspapers in Spain, Chile, México and Puerto Rico. All these works have shown a brilliant writing style, but the most important factor is his humanistic message to help readers solve their communication problems with others. During 18 years, for example, he collaborated monthly in the Año Cero review, writing articles under the generic title: Keys for a Harmonius Life. This magazine has 500.000 issues (80.000 in Spain, and 420.000 in America). At present time, this author collaborates with the prestigious European magazine Psychologies (France) in Spain, as leading columnist (opinion).

Likewise, Francisco Gavilán has also given for several years, an original and successful seminar on non-offensive communication, based on the modern psychological concept, "Emotional Intelligence". This versatile course is, in fact, a guide to reach a healthy style of life. The eulogistic comments of well-known people who did this seminar are his most eloquent testimony. He also gives periodically public lectures about the human behaviour.

Impenitent traveller, has lived for long periods in Chile, Uruguay and France. He has visited more of 100 different countries, to promote their culture and traditions (even living together with Mapuches Indian in the Andes Range of Chile). In this sense, he belongs to the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET), under UNESCO status, and is the secretary general of the Spanish Association of Journalists on Tourism. Francisco Gavilán is a member of an exclusive team of international journalists under the control of UNWTO (World Tourism Organization, dependent of UNITED NATIONS). He has articles on tourism and traditions and foreing culture published in the newspaper El Distrito (1.500.000 readers), Madrid Alto Standing, Arte de Vivir, Spic...

Francisco Gavilan knows that he still has many work to do, aspect than beforehand I thank him, but writers like him are actually scarces

Albina Sabater Villalba, chilean journalist and editor Manageress of Revista Club D

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